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On Base Models

Base models (otherwise known as foundation models) are changing the field of artificial intelligence. Sophisticated NLP and computer vision models can be used on a wide range of applications such as text recognition, translation, and generations, and facial recognition. Base models are now using these applications and applying them to society on a scale that has never been seen before. These models use billions of paramters that can employ text and image generation at levels close to humans. It is important that we become familiar with these models and how they are affecting society.

On AI Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School

On AI Policy Challenges

One of the most difficult obstacles governments face with artificial intelligence policy is the tradeoff between innovation and regulation. How can the U.S. and other countries ensure that we facilitate an environment that supports innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence, while employing it in an ethical way?


That is the question I am asking. What type of AI policy will allow the U.S. to continue to lead the world in AI innovation while doing it in an ethical manner?

AI innovation is the introduction and production of new Artificial Intelligence that increase the capabilities of AI.

Ethical AI encompasses the values and principles that guide our societies to achieve fair use of Artificial Intelligence in order to protect international human rights, safety, security, and privacy.

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