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In April of 2021, I was accepted into MIT’s Technology and Policy Program. I decided to pursue my thesis in the field of artificial intelligence policy with Luis Videgaray as my advisor. Luis is a Senior Lecturer at The MIT Sloan School of Management and also Director of MIT AI Policy For the World Project.

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You can view my final thesis here.


During my time at MIT, I specialized on machine learning, AI policy, and entrepreneurship courses. As my time progressed at MIT, I became more involved with the MIT Martin Trust Center. With the help of some of my mentors like Bill Aulet, Kosta Ligris, Paul Cheek, Josh Creamer, among others; I was able to quickly turn my idea into a real business that started to make a difference in people’s lives.


At MIT, I was a part of the MIT AI Policy For The World Project, participated in the MIT Fuse startup accelerator, took classes at 3 of the different 5 MIT schools of study, and also pitched to gain entrance into MIT’s GSD program with CGM Sports in the Spring of 2023. The entrepreneurship pipeline at MIT is incredible, and there would be no CGM Sports without it.


I tell people that West Point inspired me to change the world and Cambridge showed me how to do it. The Technology and Policy Program at MIT gave me that opportunity. I could not be more grateful for the opportunities I was given.

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