Who we are, where we have been, and where we are going

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The Formation of Mercsin

In the days leading up to graduation at West Point in May of 2021, I decided to join my friend, Josh Park and help him with his start up called Mercsin. I met Josh through my capstone project as we worked together during our senior year on a project not related to Mercsin. John Zimmerman was also in my capstone group, and as we were having a beer at the Firstie, the week before graduation, he wanted to join our group as well. That was the formation of the Mercsin team; however, at that time we had a much different vision than we do now.

                                                                      The Original Mercsin Team


             John Zimmerman                                        Ryan Hetrick                                       Joshua Park                               - Former Army Hockey Team Captain    - Army Wrestling Team Captain            - Founder of Mercsin

- Four Year Army Hockey Athlete           - Four Year Army Wrestling Athlete      - West Point Graduate, Class of 2021

- Mentorship Development and              - Content Marketing and Website        - Funnel Building and Strategy

  Sales                                                        Development

- Austin, Texas                                         - Cambridge, Massachusetts                 - Seattle, Washington

Failure after Failure

At first, Josh wanted to help paint contractors generate leads through digital marketing. We helped Josh do a lot of outreach to different paint companies around the country as we tried to help them increase their social presence and generate leads. After two months of trying to navigate the paint contracting industry, our goal to help painters failed. We simply did not bring enough value to the table for these paint contracting companies, and we were essentially told to kick rocks.

So back to the drawing board we went in July of 2021. This time, we decided to help ecommerce businesses grow on social media and help their digital presence. I had a friend, Noelle Anzivine who owned a bikini company called Makai Swim. Noelle and her sister, Olivia are originally from my home area, and I thought we would be able to help their bikini company with digital marketing. These two were great to work with; however, we came up short again. We simply couldn’t provide them with enough value. Two industries… two failures.

Where we were meant to be

Back to the drawing board again. Except this time was different. Josh was heading off to ranger school in February of 2022, and I had no idea where to take our business. Josh left for ranger school and Mercsin was in shambles. After talking with some of my MIT professors at Sloan and talking with some former teammates, I thought of a great idea. With the emergence of Name Image and Likeness in college sports, we could help college athletes monetize!

Why did I not think of this before? John and I were both college athletes with marketing experience, and we weren’t in the NIL industry? So, we started to run with it. We brought on a few athletes at first and told them we were going to help them grow on social media and monetize. At the time we didn’t really know how we were going to help them monetize, but we were determined to figure it out.

After months of being at ranger school, Josh finally returned in May of 2022, and he was ready to help Zim and I run with our new idea. At first, we struggled to give our athletes value; however, over the course of the summer of 2022, things changed for us.

We started to realize that we could help our athletes monetize through mentorships. We are now doing something that no one else is doing – connecting college athletes with high school athletes with mentorships. We build our athletes websites, conduct funnel building plans, and help them with outreach.

At the end of the summer of 2022, we had to start turning new athletes away. We wanted to focus on our core group of five athletes. During the months of August and September of 2022, we focused on our core group of athletes to get proof of concept. The first five Mercsin athletes are below. We love working with our athletes and we are helping them to monetize from their talents and experiences.

                                                                        The First Mercsin Athletes






- Isaiah Reid                    - Chase Davis                     - Sophie Housey                 - Jovany Ruiz                    - Deshun Murrell

- Clemson Soccer       - Alabama Football         - Michigan Swimming   - Buffalo Football           - UCLA Football

Our Vision Becoming a Reality

During the month of September 2022, a lot of incredible things started to happen. I joined a class at MIT Sloan called New Enterprises, which helps startups grow through a concept of “Disciplined Entrepreneurship”. At first, many people pitch their ideas or companies, and the students select the company or idea they want to work with. It was cutthroat at first, because I was competing with many other great ideas and companies. Only a few startups get selected to move forward with the class. I was thankful that I had three classmates who wanted to work with me on advancing our idea. Our newest tentative three members of team are below.

                                                                                New Additions




- Albert Fernandez                                - Erblin Ribari                                          - Guillermo Tagle

- MIT Sloan                                            - Harvard Kennedy School                      - MIT Sloan Fellow

- Film Producer + Script Writer              - Forbes 30 Under 30 - Finance              - Letra Libre Founder

Now, things are different. We have help from three talented individuals and help from arguably the two best universities in the world. Our professors are committed to us, and we really have a chance now to shake things up. We are going to transform the NIL industry.

Looking ahead, we are going to scale our group of athletes to 50 college athletes. The goal is to have all of them make $20,000 a month. They are going to inspire the next generation of college athletes. Our athletes are already having a great impact on the high school athletes they are working with.

This is my favorite part of working with Mercsin - Inspiring high school athletes to chase their division one dreams through mentorships. We are having an incredible impact on the world. We are helping high school kids from disadvantaged backgrounds, aspiring athletes who need help to get to the division one level, and junior college athletes looking to make it to the next level.

Moving Forward

Yes, we believe that this company will be a multi-million-dollar company by September of 2023. I have no doubt about it. But for us, it’s not about the money. It’s about giving college athletes who financially struggle the opportunity to monetize every month from their talents and experiences. It’s about helping young high school athletes with a dream to play in college, who are determined to improve in their sport.

We are now starting to partner with camps and other agencies to make this happen. We are the future of the NIL industry. We are planning on partnering with different universities and conferences around the country as well to help college athletes monetize.

At Mercsin, we are going to change the world. We are already inspiring many people and there is nowhere but up from here. Down the road, we also plan to move to help professional and Olympic athletes monetize from their talents and experiences.

There are no limits here. I am poised to lead Mersin to be one of the most successful companies in the sports world. Here’s to inspiring the next generation of athletes, helping college athletes achieve their dreams off the field, and making a positive impact on this world.

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