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In the Spring of 2022, I took David King’s Course, U.S. Congress and Lawmaking at the Harvard Law School (HLS 2251 also DPI-120) and Bruce Schneir’s Cybersecurity, Technology, Policy, and Law Course at the Harvard Kennedy School. It was the first time I stepped onto Harvard’s campus as a student and was quite the experience.

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In David King’s class, I created a Bill titled “The AI STIDIA Act” that became an integral part of my thesis. This Bill I created actually made its way down to Washington D.C. as I presented my thesis and Bill to Congressman Nick Langworthy’s staff in the summer of 2023.

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Aside from my time as a student at Harvard, CGM Sports was elected to become part of the Harvard Business School’s Rock Accelerator and a part of the Harvard Innovation Labs. These efforts were headed by my Cofounder and CGM Sports CEO, Sean Woods. CGM Sports is currently working out of the Harvard Innovation Labs as our home.

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In the Rock Accelerator, CGM Sports doubled its athlete mentor pool and created a video library series of our athletes talking about their experiences. I will continue to be a part of the Harvard Innovation Labs as we move forward with CGM Sports into the future and I am grateful for the community I have found here.

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