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Ryan Hetrick
MIT - CEO of Chasing Greatness Mentorship Inc.

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I am researching Artificial Intelligence Policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. I am also the CEO of the Chasing Greatness Mentorship Inc. (CGM). After I graduate from MIT, I will return to the Army as a Cyber Officer and I will become the President of CGM, and hand the CEO title to Sean Woods.

For my undergraduate degree, I obtained a degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point and graduated with Honors. I was also a captain of the Army Wrestling team my senior year. I was awarded a scholarship to MIT after I graduated from West Point.

As a part of my research at MIT, I have also created a bill focused on Artifcial Intelligence Policy that aims to enhance ethical AI innovation in the United States. The idea of this bill was sparked from my time at a Harvard Law School class in my second semester during graduate school in David King's U.S. Congress and Lawmaking class.

Lastly, I run a scholarship in my home area for student-athletes pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). This spring, I am planning to launch a foundation in my home county with the aim of helping more high school student athletes who are pursuing a STEM degree in college.



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